Donation FAQ

  • Who would receive my donation?
    All donations go directly to Big Blue Swing operated by Swing Era Productions, a chartered, and registered non-profit corporation.
  • How would my donation be used?
    Big Blue Swing has to pay monthly fees for broadcast hosting, website hosting, broadcasting software, and licensing fees. If we can't pay these bills, we can't play the music. If we can't play the music, you can't dance. Therefor, we want to keep paying these bills.
  • What percentage of donations goes to pay your staff?
    All of our lovely, glorious, wonderful, intelligent, thoughtful, and dedicated staff get paid only in complements. This station owes its existence to our 100% volunteer staff.
  • I heard you were affiliated with some religious center, or school?
    No. We're honestly not certain where this idea came from. Big Blue Swing has never been associated with a religious group, or school. In the past our financing has come from private individuals (who were simply dancers, DJ's, and lovers of the music).
  • I have a question not answered here.
    Great! We love to hear from listeners. If it's a question about a donation, please contact us at
    If it's related to other aspects of Big Blue Swing, please contact us at