Music Submissions

Submitting music for consideration You can submit music to potentially be played on our station. We don't guarantee play, but we do guarantee we'll at least consider it. A few points to remember, and agree to;
  • We CAN NOT return any CD's submitted to us, so please don't send us your only copy.
  • All music submitted to us will be converted to digital format to be stored in our database, and made available to all Big Blue Swing DJ's to use as they see fit.
  • Please make sure your CD is in the FreeDB database. This is a volunteer ran non-profit station. Asking our volunteers to type in album/track info when the CD is ripped, is a sure way to find your CD perpetually on the bottom of the "to do stack."
  • We appreciate your eagerness to help promote a band, however we ask that ONLY AUTHORIZED REPRESENTATIVES OF A BAND/ARTIST SUBMIT MUSIC.

Snail Mail submissions to: e-Mail submissions to:
Big Blue Swing
Music Submission
PO Box 81013
Austin, TX 78708-1013
  • All electronically submitted music needs to be in mp3, flac, or ogg format, with at least 192K bps encoding. WAV, WMA, AND MP4 FORMATS CAN NOT BE ACCEPTED
  • Bandcamp and similar services are encouraged due to size limitations on email.
    Please remember to include the URL for the full download, and promotional code when submitting. A link to the sale page for the album won't help.

Please include copies of liners, CD covers, and other promotional material. The more we know about your band, the more likely it is that your music will be played.